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Telemedicine Services in the Community Pharmacies

When the drugstore giants like CVS Health announced to offer a nationwide service to treat easy-to-diagnose illnesses and other medical issues via its smartphone app, most community pharmacies took notes of it and according to a survey, 90% of respondents were highly interested in providing the service in their pharmacies.

The telemedicine service are offered for diagnosis of conditions such as colds and flu, skin issues and general wellness matters. here's a short list of conditions which can be treated using telemedicine:

Cough, cold, sore throat, Allergies, sinus infections,Muscle spasms, sore body,Vomiting, Diarrhea,Erectile Dysfunction (ED),Constipation,Urinary tract infections (UTI),Eye infections, including pink eye. Ear infections, including swimmer’s ear, Fever, Flu,Headache,Rash, including shingles, lyme disease and ringworm,Insect bites,Cold sores & Sunburns.

Community pharmacies are well positioned to offer telemedicine for their clients including insured, uninsured, seniors especially those living in rural area where access to a health care provider can be a barrier to treatment. Partnership among senior home care agencies, employer groups and other businesses providing health care services can be a great way to promote telemedicine in the pharmacy.

Pharmacy also benefits from any prescription which may be generated from the consultation which places the pharmacist in the perfect position to include their own expertise and pharmacy services to the patient right at the point of care.

Employer groups benefit from the service by increased production, reduced cost by providing added benefits, lower cost of care and less sick days.

Pharmacies providing vaccination as well as travel health services can truly benefit from the telemedicine when the pharmacists will recommend vaccines, prescriptions and over-the-counter medications based on the travel itinerary and health history.

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