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Once you sign up in our telemedicine platform, it allows you to see a board certified physician typically in 10 minutes or less from anywhere on any mobile device or PC, plus Aetna Discount Dental, Vision, Lab and MRI-Imaging all for $14.99 for up to 5 people.

Registration is simple and only take a few minutes. Once you're enrolled, you'll receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes. Download our app (My Benefits Work) and login with your secure ID and Group number. You can get your secure ID and Group number by calling 888-442-8348 option 2. 




Quality Care You Can Trust

Cough, cold, sore throat   Allergies, sinus infections   Muscle spasms, sore body    Vomiting, Diarrhea   Erectile Dysfunction (ED)    Constipation

Urinary tract infections (UTI)     Eye infections, including pink eye

PMS    Family planning   Athlete Feet   

Ear infections   including swimmer’s ear   Fever   Flu   Headache

Rash  including shingles, Lyme disease and ringworm

Insect bites      Cold sores   Sunburns

Nutrition and diet   Smoking Cessation


Please Note New Users:  You can have up to 4 dependent on the same plan in the same household and you may cancel at any time after 30 days without an obligation. Other benefits such as  Discount Dental, Discount Vision, MRI, Imaging and Laboratory are included in the Basic Plan.
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